Outreach Activities

Reaching out to different groups of people to help them learn and practice safe infant sleep strategies has been a cornerstone the Safe to Sleep® campaign since it began as the Back to Sleep campaign in 1994. Community members—including parents and caregivers, community-based organizations, health care providers, and others—play a vital role in spreading safe sleep messages and practices into all communities, and in getting messages to diverse audiences.

The Safe to Sleep® campaign and its collaborators have worked and continue to work with various partners and communities, including those whose infants are at high risk for SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death.

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  • Outreach Activities in Specific Communities
    Research findings show that different communities and racial/ethnic groups respond differently to safe sleep messages. To reach as many people as possible, the campaign includes several outreach efforts tailored to specific audiences and communities.
  • Building Relationships with Trusted Community Members
    The campaign reaches out to trusted community members who provide care and counsel to parents and families. These intermediaries, including health care providers, help deliver safe sleep messages deep into the community.
  • Healthy Native Babies Project (HNBP)
    Based on research findings and historically high rates of SIDS among American Indian/Alaska Native Infants (AI/AN), the Safe to Sleep® HNBP creates tailored materials to spread safe sleep messages in AI/AIN communities.