Building Relationships With Trusted Community Members

A female doctor and pregnant woman are seated in an examination room. The doctor holds a computer tablet while talking to the pregnant woman, who is resting her hands on her abdomen.

The goal of the Safe to Sleep® campaign is to inform and educate all parents and caregivers about reducing the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death. However, the campaign alone cannot reach every parent and caregiver in every community.

The Safe to Sleep® campaign relies on trusted community members to act as intermediaries, sharing safe sleep information with parents and caregivers who come to them for care, services, or information. These intermediaries—health care providers, community health workers, tribal leaders and elders, and leaders of community organizations—help to further the campaign’s reach by sharing safe sleep messages with their patients, clients, and others in the community.

Some campaign activities related to building relationships with trusted community members are described below.

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